Why PCB Circuit Boards are Widely Used in Electronic Products?

Why PCB Circuit Boards are Widely Used in Electronic Products?

1. High reliability: We will pass a series of inspections, tests and aging tests to ensure long-term reliable operation of the electric board circuit.

2. High density: For decades, with the improvement of integrated circuit integration and the advancement of mounting technology, high-density printed circuit boards have been developed.

3. Productivity: With modern management, standardized, large-scale (quantitative) and automated production can be carried out to ensure product quality consistency.

4. Testability: Establish relatively complete test methods, test standards, various test equipment and instruments, and test and evaluate the PCB proofing qualification and service life of simple circuit board products.

5. Designability: According to the various performance (electrical, physical, chemical, mechanical, etc.) requirements of the high speed pcb, the printed board design can be realized through design standardization, standardization, etc., with short time and high efficiency.


6. Assemblability: fr4 PCB circuit board products not only facilitate the standardized assembly of various components, but also enable automated mass production. At the same time, PCB and various component assembly parts can be assembled into larger parts and systems, up to the whole machine.

7. Maintainability: Since custom circuit products and various component assembly parts are standardized design and large-scale production, these parts are also standardized. Therefore, once the system fails, it can be replaced quickly, conveniently and flexibly, so that the system can be quickly restored to work.