What is the PCB stencil?

Stencils, also known as SMT Stencil, are special molds for SMT. Its primary function is to help the deposition of solder paste; the purpose is to transfer a precise amount of solder paste to an accurate location on the bare PCB.

We sometimes need to solder PCB prototypes. The number of PCB prototypes is maybe a few or a dozen. In the case of manual welding, the quality and speed cannot be guaranteed. If you let the PCB assembly factory assemble it, it will be costly. At this time, using SMT stencil is a good choice. Spread the solder paste accurately on the PCB, put the components one by one, and then use the hot air gun to melt the solder paste so that the components are firmly soldered on the circuit board. Therefore, making good use of the PCB stencil will save us a lot of time and money.