What are the Precautions for the Use of FR4 Material PCB Board Inks?

In the process of making PCB circuit boards, PCB ink plays the role of protecting the copper foil, so that the copper skin is not exposed to the outside, thus affecting the subsequent processes; the commonly used ink colors are white oil, green oil, black oil, blue oil , red oil, butter. So, what are the precautions for the use of pcb ink?

1. In any case, the temperature of the ink must be kept between 20-25 ℃, otherwise it will affect the viscosity of the ink and the quality and effect of screen printing. Especially when the ink is stored outdoors or at different temperatures, it must be placed at ambient temperature for a few days or the ink tank must reach a suitable temperature for use before use.

2. The ink must be thoroughly and carefully mixed by hand or mechanically before use. If air enters the ink, let it stand for a period of time; if it needs to be diluted, it must be thoroughly mixed first, and then its viscosity should be checked. The ink tank must be sealed immediately after use. At the same time, never put the ink on the screen back into the ink tank and mix it with unused ink.

3. It is best to use compatible cleaning agents to clean the net, and it should be very thorough and clean. When cleaning again, it is best to use a clean solvent.

4. When the ink is dried, it must be done in a device with a good exhaust system.

5. To keep the operating conditions, screen printing should be carried out in the workplace that meets the technical requirements of the process.