What are the General Requirements for PCB Manufacturing?

PCB manufacturing has conventional requirements and unconventional requirements. The PCB circuit boards of conventional demand are large in quantity and affordable, and are favored by customers. So, what are the general requirements for PCB manufacturing?

1. Meet: PCB processing technology requirements.

2. The surface treatment has strong anti-oxidation ability.

3. It can directly point out the deficiencies in the PCB file, which can be more optimized.

4. High-speed signals have high requirements for PCB boards, and there are boards that can run within 10GHz.

5. High-speed boards have high requirements for impedance, and it is better to have more types of PP.

6. The characters are clear and the size deviation range is small.

7. The pad welding ability is strong, and it is not easy to fall off, and other copper sheets and wires are also not easy to fall off.

8. The line width/aperture/spacing can be more precise, the minimum line width/character is 3mil, the line spacing/aperture is 4mil, etc.

9. The surface of all PCB pads is leveled with hot air, and the light board looks clean, refreshing and comfortable.

10. PCB design, board making, steel mesh, devices, and patches can be integrated.

11. The minimum line width and line spacing or the recommended line width and line spacing are recommended for impedance requirements.

12. The number of layers that the board can make is within 1-20 layers, which is suitable for most customers.

13. Tolerances should be as precise as possible, such as plate thickness, aperture, line width, SMT, BGA, shape size, warpage, etc.

14. Be able to provide the company’s PCB manufacturing process and production and processing capabilities requirements documents.

15. Regular board, hope to be able to guide the arc angle when making the board around, so that it is not easy to hurt your hands, scratches, etc.

16. Able to add lead-free, anti-static and other environmentally friendly silk screen logos.

17. Able to provide flight test and test report, and provide impedance report.