Transparent Flexible Circuit Boards

Transparent flexible PCBs are FPCs using PET thin film. PET materials can be transparent, white, light blue, light green, etc. Clear FPCs are different from normally seen flexible PCBs only because of the transparent PET materials.

In some transparent flexible PCBs, only the substrate is transparent, and the conductive traces and pads are visible and not transparent.

Some transparent flexible PCBs, including the conductive traces, are fully clear. An innovative manufacturing method is used -- the circuit is clamped between two transparent materials to protect it and make it invisible from the outside. And PCBHERO can produce fully transparent FPCs.


Advantages of transparent flexible PCBs:

1. A wide range of optical features.

2. Bendable, foldable, twistable, and arbitrarily movable and flexible in three-dimensional space.

3. The accurateness of the FPC manufacturing reaches the micron or nano level.

4. FPCs save about 90% product weight compare with rigid PCBs of the same volume.

5. Achieve lightweight, miniaturization, and thinning of the products.

Applications of transparent flexible PCBs:

FPCs are widely used in automatic control, instrument panels, ABS systems, cameras, mobile phones, calculators, medical devices, and wherever connections are required in a close-packed space. Besides, fully transparent flexible PCBs can be used in smart contact lenses, flexible transparent electronic devices, and electronic skins.

You would like to have transparent flexible PCBs manufactured and assembled? PCBHERO provides one-stop transparent FPC manufacturing and assembly, including prototyping and batch production.