How to Maintain the Solder Paste Printing Machine in the PCB Factory?

The solder paste printing machine is an indispensable processing equipment in the SMT small batch chip processing factory. The quality of the solder paste printing can directly affect the quality of our SMT chip processing.

Now in many processing plants, automatic solder paste printing machines are more and more used in industrial production. When the automatic solder paste printing machine is used for a long time, the equipment will also face the problem of aging and rust. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the maintenance of automatic solder paste printing machine equipment.

In the actual patch processing, the production quality will be interfered by many factors, such as solder paste quality, processing parameters, temperature and humidity, equipment accuracy, etc., and many of these factors will be related to the equipment. Only by ensuring the quality and reliability of the equipment can we ensure that the processing quality is reliable. The equipment is in operation every day, and daily maintenance and maintenance work is very important.

Maintenance method of solder paste printing machine in SMT small batch chip processing factory.

1. Check and clean the stencil, clean the sample, remove the scraper, use a special wipe dipped in absolute ethanol, wipe the scraper clean, and then install it in the printing head or in the receiving tool cabinet.

2. There are two ways to clean the template

1. Washing machine cleaning. Use the template to wash the equipment, the cleaning effect is the best.
2. Manual cleaning. Apply anhydrous ethanol with a special wipe to remove the solder paste. If the leak is blocked, use a soft toothbrush instead of a hard needle. Use a compressed air gun to remove any residue from the template leaks. Load the stencil on the placement machine, otherwise receive it in the tool cabinet. Note: The sequence of removing the template and scraper is to first remove the scraper and then the template to prevent damage to the scraper.

The daily maintenance and maintenance quality of the automatic solder paste printing machine directly affect the service life and product quality of the printing machine. It is necessary to formulate a working specification for the automatic solder paste printing machine so that the smt operator can operate according to the specification.