How to deal with the CNC machining surface of aluminum alloy enclosure?

   With the continuous development of technology, people begin to pay more attention to the aesthetic appearance. Even the aluminum alloy enclosure parts of CNC machining centers also have higher surface performance and appearance requirements. In the past, people always used electroplating. Later, a new electroplating method appeared. So how to deal with the CNC machining surface of aluminum alloy enclosure?

1.CNC machining of aluminum enclosure, electroplated copper tin alloy

   The low tin bronze coating of the aluminum alloy enclosure is pink or gold in color and has fine crystals. It has high corrosion resistance and good polishing performance. It is usually used as a protective decorative nickel underlayer. It is used in light industry and handicraft industry, mechanical instrument industry and other industries. The medium tin bronze coating is golden in color and has good corrosion resistance. Mainly used as decorative chrome-plated underlayer. The hardness and air stability of aluminum alloy are higher than that of low tin bronze coating. However, due to the high tin content of the coating, the bottom layer of the protective decorative coating is prone to frosting after chrome plating, a disadvantage of medium tin-bronze plating. High tin bronze coating has a beautiful silvery white luster and good polishing performance, high hardness and wear resistance, and is used in industrial design to replace silver or chromium, to protect reflective equipment, instruments, daily necessities and other decorative surface coatings.

2.CNC machining of aluminum alloy enclosure, electroplated tin cobalt alloy

   Tin-cobalt plating and cobalt plating have similar hues, but they are softer and more popular. At present, most foreign countries are used instead of chromium. Cobalt plating is not easy to roll plating, but tin cobalt alloy is suitable for small parts. In addition, tin-cobalt plating table gold has excellent throwing ability and rolling ability, so it can be applied to the workpiece with complex shape. The corrosion resistance is not as good as that of chromium plating if a double layer of nickel is plated on the substrate. To prevent surface discoloration, chromate impregnation should be used for treatment, which also improves corrosion resistance.

   It has a light rose color that feels very good and has excellent corrosion resistance. If tin-nickel gold plating is applied to shiny substrates or shiny nickel coatings, a good shiny surface can be obtained. If electroplating is carried out on a rough surface (pear-shaped pattern), the surface may appear in its original state. Electrodeposits have very good electroplating ability and almost no leveling effect, so they are suitable for electroplating products that require very fine wire and rotary machining.

   The above is the decoration method of aluminum alloy enclosure machining center electroplating alloy, surface treatment can make aluminum alloy enclosure different from ordinary enclosure, to meet the aesthetic needs of more aspects.