Aluminum PCB Substrate Materials and Dielectric Materials

  • Details of the four types of aluminum PCB substrate materials are below.
  •  6061 is an Al-Mg-Si alloy. It has medium strength and good cutting performance and is suitable for CNC, V-Cut processing. Its drawback is the high price.
  •  5052 is an Al-Mg alloy. It has medium strength and good bending performance and is suitable for punch forming. And it has a fair price.
  •  3003 and 1100 are both pure aluminum. Both have good thermal conductivity and fair machining performance. And both are cheap.
  • Details of the dielectric layer are below.
  • Because both the aluminum substrate and copper circuit layers are conductive, to avoid shorts, a dielectric layer must be in between to insulate them.
  • The dielectric material that PCBHERO uses is made of a special polymer filled with ceramics. The polymer leads to good dielectric strength, anti-aging, high bonding, and ceramic medium increases thermal conductivity and viscoelasticity. It also resists mechanical and thermal stresses during welding and operation.
  • All double-sided aluminum PCBs require ceramic-filled polymer as the dielectric layer.