PCB Reverse Engineering

1) Why need PCB Reverse Engineering?

  • If we lost the engineering data, but the product still need continue to be produced. In this case, only the original electronic sample or circuit boards can be used for reverse analysis, to get accurate original product’s PCB files, Bill of Materials (BOM) , Schematics, other technical files;
  • Besides, PCB Reverse Engineering  can help quickly restore the production of the product, avoid redevelopment, shorten the project redevelopment cycle, and restore or surpass the original product.


2) What is the purpose of PCB Reverse Engineering?

  • For a startup enterprise, PCB Reverse Engineering is able to reduce the cost, and ensure the product quality is reliable and stable.
  • In addition, PCB Reverse Engineering is also an effective way to learn and absorb, promote positive research and development, and close the technical gap.


3) Will PCB Reverse Engineering infringe the patent?

  •  PCB Reverse Engineering for legitimate and legal purposes will not infringe the patent.

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