How to transfer Program Into Chip?

IC programming is the process of transferring a computer program into an integrated computer circuit. Older types of IC include PROMs and EPROMs

I believe you have already known that the answer is “programming”, someone also called “burning”.Programming, the process of transferring the program into the chip’s internal storage space.There are offline programming and online programming.

1.Offline programming

Offline programming is compatible with chips in different packages by the different adapters. The chip can be used with the adapter to achieve program burning.

The adapter is a precision fixture. The different chips and packages need different adapters.

Nowadays, the package is developing in small and flat BGA, QFN, etc., such as the widely used Emmc chips. At the same time, the price of those adapters is not low.

Offline ic programming

If there is an error in the production pcba test, you need to remove the chip from the adapter and re-program according to the prescribed process, which will waste time, energy and add additional costs.

There are some emergencies in PCBA production. If the temperature resistance of the circuit board is not sufficient, the chip will be deformed when you remove the chips, which will increase the risk of scrapping.

ic program fixture

2.Online programming

The online programming uses the chip’s standard communication bus, such as USB, SWD, JTAG, UART, etc. The interface is generally fixed, and there are fewer pins to be connected during programming.

Since the interface communication rate is not high, general cables can be used for burning without high consumption.

Because the online burning is programmed by wire connection, if an error is found during the production test, the faulty PCBA can be traced back and re-burned without disassembling the chip. This not only saves production costs but also increases the efficiency of programming.

Online ic programming

More importantly, the production line is developing towards automation. More and more manufacturers are adding functional test machines such as ICT and FCT to the production line. The production method, using automatic fixtures and online burning, can be omitted in the burning stage. 

In the manual operation, the board is attached after it’s directly burned, and then the PCBA is sent to the test machine for testing. The entire production process is fully automated, which can significantly improve production efficiency.

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