USR-GPRS232-730 GSM Modem Serial RS232 RS485 to GPRS DTU with AT command

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USR-GPRS232-730 GSM GPRS Module DTU (Data Transfer Unit) is a wireless terminal equipment which can convert serial data to IP data or convert IP data to serial data through gprs network. 730 is based on USR-GM3. Clients can use this product to realize bidirectional transparent transmission from serial port to network through simple AT command.

Chip Solution
RDA8851, work temp at -25~85C
Power Supply
DC type 9V~24V
Serial Port
Supports RS232/RS485, can't be worked at one time
Work Mode
TCP Client/UDP client/ HTTPD Client
Basic Function
DNS/ Support Serial/SMS/AT Commands confirguration
Baud rate
2400~921.6K bps


Standard: GSM/GPRS
Rate: 14.4Kbps~57.6Kbps
Standard frequency band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz quad frequency
GPRS Multi-slot Class: GPRS Class 10
GPRS Terminal Device Class :Class B
GPRS Coding Schemes : CS1-CS4
Maximum transmit power: GSM900 class4(2W), DCS1800 class1(1W)
Network Protocol: TCP, UDP, DNS, HTTPD Client
Network Cache: Send 4Kbyte, Receive 4Kbyte
Broken Cache: 2 x 4K bytes (4K bytes per link)

Number of ports: RS232*1/RS485*1 (cannot be used simultaneously)
Standard: RS-232: DB9 hole type; RS-485: 2 lines (A, B)
Data bits: 7bit, 8bit
Stop position: 1,2
Check Digit : None,Even,Odd
Baud rate: 2400bps~921.6KKbps
Cache : RX:4Kbyte,TX: 4Kbyte
Flow Control: RTS/CT S
Protection: RS485: Surge Protection, ESD Protection
Pull-up resistor on RS-485: 2.2 KΩ

Module size: 90 x 84 x 25(mm)(L*W*H)
SIM card: 1.8V/3V
Antenna: SMA female screw hole
VCC: 9.0V~24.0V
Operating Current: Average 22~45mA / Maximum 201mA/12V
Power Interface Type: DC Power Base

USR-VOCM: Windows 2000 or higher (32-bit/64-bit)
DNS: Support

Working temperature: -25~85°C
Storage temperature: -40~125°C
Storage Humidity: 5%~95% RH (without condensation)