USB to CAN Bus Converter Adapter serial port TO CAN /RS232 232 TO CAN With TVS surge protection USB to CAN Bus Converter Adapter serial port TO CAN /RS232 232 TO CAN With TVS surge protection

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1. Inside the hardware, TVS surge protection is added.
2. With 120 ohm match resistance.

3. Included data cable with magnetic ring shielding

1. Basic function -- communication support CAN2.0A (standard frame) and CAN2.0B (extended frame)

2. Basic function -- CAN communication baud rate range (5K~1M), CAN baud rate can be customized.

3. Basic function --CAN Send and receive data display with time show, the receive data can be displayed sequentially or refreshed.

4. Basic function -- sending data can be sent in single frame or multiple frames, can be sent manually, can be sent on a regular basis, and can be sent in a loop, which is more convenient for debugging.

5. Enhancement function - the receiving data can also be automatically answered. When we want to receive the received ID, we can automatically reply the data that is set to send ID.

6. Enhancement function - you can manually view the CAN bus state.

7. Enhancement function - you can directly set the desired ID, not by setting the filter ID or masking ID, and directly entering the ID you want to receive, can be configured directly.

8. Enhancement function -- there are four working modes to choose from (normal mode is mainly used for direct communication with CAN devices.The loopback mode CAN be used for the self-test of the converter,In this mode, the converter will automatically send and receive, the data can be also sent to CAN bus. Silent mode CAN be used to monitor CAN bus data without affecting CAN bus communication, loopback silent mode is usually used for thermal test CAN converter

9. Enhancement function - send and receive data can be saved as TXT text format or Excel format.

10. Enhancement function -- the baud rate of the virtual COM port can also be modified, and the default communication baud rate is over 1M, so don't worry about conversion efficiency.

11. Advanced function -- so the configuration is automatically saved and can be used directly next time.
12. Advanced function -- secondary development is very simple, just processing a single receive and send command.

13. Advanced function - enhanced transparent transport function.
14. Advanced function -- the software interface can be switched in English and Chinese.


Type: USB - CAN7
Applicable scope: all kinds of CAN bus transmission equipment
Support system: XP and above systems, supportWiN7/WIN8 32-bit / 64-bit )

Adapter size: 7 x 2.7 x 1.6cm/2.76 x1.06 x 0.63inch

Cable: 1.5m/63inch