Teensylu v0.8 Prusa Mendel Hi3D Printer Driver Board

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Product Description

1.Small design – board is 100mm x 60mm

2.Teensylu clone, Atmel’s AT90USB1286

3.LUFA CDC bootloader preinstalled on the AT90USB1286 allows you to upload the firmware through USB cable.

4.Up to 4 A4988/4983 stepstick or Pololu stepper driver boards on-board (X,Y,Z,Extruder)

5.Supports multiple power configurations (Carried from Sanguinololu)

6.2 thermistor connectors with circuitry

7.2 N-MOSFETs for extruder/bed heaters

8.1 N-MOSFET for low power fan or motor

9.Selectable 12v/5v endstop voltage

10.14 Extra pins available for expansion and development – 6 analog and 8 digital (Fully compatabile with Sanguinololu), with the following capabilities

11.Additional 14 pin header with 11 I/O for prototyping

12.SMT Components sized at 0805 for easier soldering