CSR8645 Audio Module

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GND and VCC are 12V power supply
Using TI amp TPA6132,better sound quality
GND and BAT are powered by a 3.7V lithium battery
With call function,CSR8645 low power consumption, power on the boot,the default volume of the largest
OUTL,AGND,OUTR for the balanced output,can be directly connected headphones,amplifiers,audio and other input devices
COM is the common side of the key,the other end of the key are then VOL+,VOL-, PREV,NEXT,PLY
M + and M- is the positive and negative of the microphone
Can be connected at the same time two mobile phones (the only way: boot automatically back to the chain of the final match the phone, the penultimate pair of mobile phone to be manually connected)

Package Includes:
1x CSR8645 Audio Module