Bluetooth Wristband Tag (including shipping)

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The wristband tag could receive and scan for similar tags nearby, facilitating social
distancing use cases and personnel management. For example, When the two
devices are close to each other up to 2.5 meters, they vibrate and light up (flashing) simultaneously for social distance warning. The FSC-BP110 is Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy tag with Dialog DA14531 chipset.
Despite the tag works all the time, it consumes very little power. The wristband tag has a rechargeable Lithium battery and supports USB charging


 Proximity alarm (Vibration and LED)

 Rechargeable battery

 Low power consumption

 BLE 5.1, Dialog DA14531 chipset

 Waterproof

 Social distance can be set by mobile app

 supports turn ON/OFF the Beacon by mobile app

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