ASR 5V Power GENERIC Speech Recognition Module LD3320

ASR 5V Power GENERIC Speech Recognition Module LD3320

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Product Description

1.The micro controller (STC) programming mode is the same with 51, 52 series micro controller programming mode, users do not need to re-learn a new micro controller register, it can be programmed directly;

2.Integrated design, eliminating the tedious drive, has been supporting the development of source code, direct serial output identification code, the operation is extremely simple.

3.Set aside 16 single-chip IO port, including a group of eight IO expansion interface, a timer, an external interrupt, can be the smallest single-chip system control functions, without supporting with other MCU to complete the work;

4.Small size, easy mounting and embedding is very practical;

5.With the serial communication function, set aside the relevant interface and provides 5V, 3.3V power supply interface for easy download.

6.With the password mode and normal mode of identification, come with source code, can be secondary development.

7.Easily embedded into the product device.


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