AOYUE 950 Hot Tweezer Soldering Station

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Directly tackles the components to be repaired avoiding disarray of nearby components.

Especially suitable for crowded circuit boards.

Made from anti-static materials to protect sensitive components.




Power Input :


Power Consumption:


Temperature Range:

200 - 480 degrees Celsius

Heating Element:

Ceramic Heater

Output Voltage:


Tip to Ground Resistance:

Below 2 ohms

Tip to Ground Potential:

Below 2mV

Station Dimensions:

113(w) x 90(h) x 155(d) mm



Package list:
950 soldering station
B005 Soldering tweezers
E003 Soldering tweezers holder
30150J Heat resistant pad
201841 Flat tweezers tip
Iron frame
Power Line
AOYUE iron frame assembly instructions
AOYUE 950 manual