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3-Color 1.54" inch E-Paper Module 152x152 for Arduino,Raspberry Pi

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ER-EPM0154-1Y is e-paper/e-ink display module that is 1.54 inch e-paper display panel attached with a breakout board, 152x152 resolution with yelllow/white/black color,UC8151C controller,running both 3.3V and 5V power supply,super wide viewing angle,sunlight readable and easily controlled by MCU such as PIC, AVR, ARDUINO,ARM and Raspberry PI. One fantastic aspect of the ePaper display is the fact they don't need any power to keep the image on the screen. Just like a Kindle, you can read whatever is on your screen in daylight without any reflection.It's optional for 3-wire or 4-wire serial interface,pin header or FFC with ZIF connector connection.

We prepared the library and examples for arduino due,mega 2560,uno,nano and for raspberry pi or raspberry pi zero. Dupont wires used for connecting to arduino and female header connector used for connecting to raspberry pi are also optional.


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