MQ7 - Carbon (co)

MQ7 - Carbon (co)

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Detection of concentration: 10-1000ppmCO

Loop voltage: 10V DC

Heater voltage: 5V±0.2V ACorDC(high), 1.5V±0.1V ACorDC(low)

Load resistance: adjustable

Heating resistor: 31±3(indoor temperature)

Heating dissipation: 350mW

Sensitive part surface resistance: 2K-20K

Sensitivity: Rs(in air)/Rs(100ppmCO)5

Concentration gradient: 0.6

Temperature, humidity: 20±2, 65%±5%RH

Standard test circuit: Vc: 5v ±0.1v, Vh(high): 5v ±0.1v, Vh(low): 1.5v ±0.1v


Module features:

High quality double panel design

Power and TTL signal output indication

Has better sensitive detection for carbon monoxide

Has a long service life and reliable stability

Suitable for the detection of carbon monoxide, gas, etc