1602A 2004A 12864B LCD screen with backlight IIC/I2C blue screen yellow green screen

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White characters on blue background

Standard 16X2 LCD character display module (backlight/blue screen)

1602 uses a standard 16-pin interface, where:

Pin: VSS is the ground power supply

Pin 2: VDD is connected to a 5V positive power supply

Pin 3: V0 is the contrast adjustment terminal of the LCD display. The contrast is weak when connected to the positive power supply, and the contrast is high when connected to the ground power supply. When the contrast is too high, a "ghost image" will be produced. When in use, the contrast can be adjusted through a 10K potentiometer

Pin 4: RS is the register selection. When the high level is selected, the data register is selected, and when the low level is selected, the instruction register is selected.

Pin 5: R/W is the read and write signal line. When the high level is high, the read operation is performed, and when the low level is low, the write operation is performed. When RS and RW are both low levels, the instruction or display address can be written. When RS is low and RW is high, the busy signal can be read. When RS is high and RW is low, data can be written.

Pin 6: E is the enable terminal. When E jumps from high level to low level, the LCD module executes the command.

Pins 7 to 14: D0 to D7 are 8-bit bidirectional data lines.

Pin 5: Positive electrode of backlight power supply

Pin 6: Negative electrode of backlight power supply

The character generator memory (CGROM) inside the 1602 LCD module has stored 160 different dot matrix character graphics, as shown in Table 1. These characters include: Arabic numerals, uppercase and lowercase English letters, commonly used symbols, and Japanese kana, etc. Each character has a fixed code. For example, the code for the uppercase English letter "A" is 01000001B (41H). When displaying, the module displays the dot matrix character graphics at address 41H, and we can see the letter "A".

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