Mini generator

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The advantages of Sterling engine:

First, it is suitable for all kinds of energy sources.

Almost any high temperature heat source can be used, such as:Firewood, solar energy, high temperature gases, nuclear reactions, etc., and the engine itself (except heaters) does not need to make any changes. The fuel can be allowed to have a high impurity content without special processing.

Second, the operation noise is small, the manufacturing cost is lower.

Because the combustion of fuel is continuous in operation, the detonation work and intermittent combustion process similar to internal combustion engine are avoided, thus realizing the advantage of low noise. This allows it to be used in submarines for better concealment. The single machine capacity of the heat engine is small, and the system capacity can be increased or decreased according to the local conditions. The structure is simple, the number of parts is 40% less than that of internal combustion engine, the space of price reduction is large, and the maintenance cost is also low.


[Notes on product use]:

1. This product is an external combustion engine. Remember not to add any lubricating oil for 
    lubrication, otherwise it will not work! ! (Lubricate with pencil powder).

2. Do not touch any part that comes into contact with or in contact with fire after heating to avoid 
    burns. Children under 10 years old should be operated under parental supervision.

3. Please use 85% or more of alcohol. Do not touch the test tube under the test tube when heating,
    so as to avoid insufficient or no engine power due to insufficient heat.



One: Move the flywheel by hand to see if it is smooth, and adjust the relevant screws without  smoothing (adjusted before sale) 

Second: Check whether the sliding parts are clean. If there are any objects, please wipe them  with cotton cloth or non-woven cloth.

Third, fill the alcohol lamp to less than two-thirds, do not be too full to avoid the ignition being ignited.

Four: Ignite the alcohol lamp on the front end of the test tube. After about 1~2 minutes, push the  big flywheel and the engine starts.

Five: Please use more than 85% alcohol, the warm-up time with the generator is slightly longer and then restart.