rigid flex PCB, medical device main board, IPC III rigid flexible PCB


Layer count: 4 layer

Material: FR4, 1.6mm, high TG +1mil PI, 1 OZ for all layer

Minimum tack: 5 mil

Minimum space(gap): 5 mil

Minimum hole: 0.25mm

Surface finished: ENIG

Panel size: 98228mm/4up

Application: medical device

Characteristics: High TG + 1mil PI, impedance control, IPC Class 3, medical device PCB.


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  • A “rigid-flex PCB” refers to a type of printed circuit board that combines both rigid and flexible board technologies in one.

    A “medical device main board” is the central circuit board in a medical device that controls its functioning and various features.

    “IPC III rigid-flexible PCB” suggests a rigid-flex PCB manufactured according to the standards set by the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) for reliability and quality.



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