9 Steps to implement PCB Reverse Engineering

The current main technology for PCB reverse engineering is relatively simple by taking the reversing steps below: ​

1. Remove all the components and record the placement of every components on the board to create a BOM List

2. Scan outer layer PCB circuits to software for editing & comparison

3. Remove the dielectric layer PCB, and scan the inner layer PCB circuit to the software for editing & comparison

4. Remove copper layer scanned, and repeat step 3 until all layers are recorded

5. Reverse the images taken to PCB Gerber file (The engineering file for manufacturing)

6 Convert the Gerber file obtained to PCB layout design, and add all the components in the drawings according the placement recorded

7. Check the layout drawing to make sure there is not open /break circuit

8. Convert the layout drawing to Schematic Diagram

9. Check the schematic drawing