What is the difference between a microcontroller and a microprocessor?

Microcontrollers and microprocessors look similar on the surface, but they have different functions.
👉Microcontrollers and microprocessors constitute the key components of any electronic device. Without him, it is impossible to achieve any form of electronic operation. However, while critical to electronic products, for most electronics enthusiasts, the difference can become challenging. So is there a difference?
👉Microprocessors are designed to process data for computers or other electronic systems, while microcontrollers are more like the computer itself. 🔌The microprocessor will allow you to run programs without display, input or output. These microprocessors often appear in computers.
On the other hand, microcontrollers can do many different things and are designed as devices that perform tasks.
📢The way to control the microcontroller is through a set of commands you give it. They can also be used with additional components such as switches or sensors.
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