Xilinx XC7A35T-2FGG484i chip

The device is based on advanced higher-performance logic and has 6 input look-up tables configured in the form of distributed memory. It has a 36Kb block memory with FIFO logic for data buffering.

The device has a higher serial connection speed through an integrated multi-gigabit transceiver, ranging from 600 Mb/s, and can reach 6.6 Gb/s through a special low-power mode and optimized interface.

In Xilinx XC7A35T, the 2FGG484i DSP slice has a 25×18 multiplier, a pre-adder and a 48-bit accumulator to achieve the best filtering performance.
The IC🔌 also has a clock manager with mixed mode, phase-locked loop and clock management block to provide lower jitter and higher accuracy. The device has a wide range of configuration options, including commodity memory support, up to 256-bit AES encryption, and integrated SEU correction and detection mechanisms.

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