Precautions for manual soldering of circuit boards

Among pcb manufacturers, circuit board soldering generally includes reflow soldering, wave soldering and soldering iron soldering. Reflow soldering and wave soldering belong to automatic soldering and are less affected by human factors, while electric soldering iron soldering belongs to manual soldering and is greatly affected by human factors. , the following mainly introduces several precautions for manual soldering of the circuit board with an electric soldering iron. In the actual production process, the process and component welding will always bring some problems that cannot be simulated, thus affecting the electrical performance. Let's talk about how to manually solder the circuit board.
1. Select the appropriate soldering temperature. The soldering temperature of the electric soldering iron is too high or too low, which will easily cause poor soldering.
2. Welding components follow the principle of small to large. Welding components should be soldered first, and then large.
3. Note that the polarity is reversed. Like some capacitors, resistors, diodes and triodes, there is a polarity direction. Avoid reverse connection when welding.
4. It is not easy to have too much tin. When welding, make sure that there is tin around the solder joints to prevent false soldering, but it is not that the more tin the better, the best when the tin layer of the solder joints is tapered.
When soldering the circuit board, pay attention to ventilation. You can choose to be equipped with an exhaust fan to prevent the gas generated during welding from being sucked into the human body and causing harm to the human body.
5. Make full use of the double-sided
board and each pad of the double-sided board can be used as a via hole to flexibly realize the electrical connection between the front and back sides.
6. Make full use of the space on the board. If it is a development board, you can hide vias and small components under the large chip, but this is generally not recommended, because it is difficult to repair if there is a problem in the follow-up maintenance and inspection.