How to choose chip inductors for SMT chip processing?

SMT chip processing? How to choose a chip inductor for SMT chip processing?

  Inductor is a common electronic component in SMT chip , chip inductor is also called power inductor, large chip inductor Current inductors and surface mount high-power inductors have the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance, and are one of the basic electronic components for SMT chip processing.

  Inductance is the ratio of the magnetic flux of the wire to the current that produces this magnetic flux when an alternating current is passed through the wire, which generates an alternating magnetic flux in and around the wire. So how should we choose the chip inductor in the smt chip processing:

  1. The total width of the chip inductor should be lower than the total width of the inductor, so as to avoid too much welding material causing excessive ground stress during water cooling to change the inductance device value.

  2. The precision of most of the chip inductors available in the market is ±10%. If the specified precision is higher than ±5%, it must be ordered in advance.

  3. Some chip inductors can be welded by reflow oven and wave soldering, but some chip inductors cannot be welded by wave soldering.

  4. During maintenance, it is not possible to replace the chip inductor with the amount of the inductor alone. In order to ensure the operating characteristics, it is also necessary to understand the operating frequency range of the chip inductor.

  5. The appearance design and specification of the chip inductor are similar, and the appearance design has no obvious logo. When hand-soldering or hand-making the patch, you must be very careful not to make the wrong part or take the wrong part.

  6. There are three common chip inductors at this stage: the first one is high frequency inductors for microwave heating. It is suitable for applications in the frequency band around 1GHz. The second is high frequency chip inductors. Suitable for series resonant control loop and frequency selection in the power circuit. The third, practical inductors. It is generally applicable to power circuits of tens of megahertz.

  7. Different products use different diameters of magnetic coils. Even if the same amount of inductor is used, the resistance measurement displayed is not the same. In the high frequency control loop, the resistance measurement is very harmful to the Q value, so pay attention when designing the scheme.

  8. The allowable amount of current is an index value of the chip inductance. When the power supply circuit has to bear a large amount of current, this index value of the capacitor must be taken into account.

  9. When a power inductor is used in a DC/DC converter, the size of the inductor will immediately affect the working attitude of the power supply circuit. Combined with the actual situation, the method of adjusting the magnetic coil can usually be used to change the amount of the inductor to achieve the best practical effect.

  10. In the communication equipment working in the frequency range of 150~900MHz, the wire-wound inductance is common. In the frequency power circuit of about 1GHz, microwave heating must be used for high-frequency inductors.

  The above is the introduction of how to choose chip inductors for SMT chip processing. I hope it can help everyone. At the same time, if you want to know more about SMT chip processing information, you can pay attention to the update of Lingzhuo proofing.