How does the Bluetooth module work?

1. The working principle of the Bluetooth module

Bluetooth devices use electromagnetic waves to connect mobile phones and computers. Bluetooth products include a small Bluetooth module and its applicable Bluetooth wireless communication and mobile phone software. When two Bluetooth devices want to communicate with each other, they must be matched. The communication between Bluetooth devices is carried out in the short-range (called Weiwei network, which refers to the Internet formed by the application of Bluetooth technology) of the temporary Internet. This type of Internet can accommodate two to eight devices for connection. When the network space is successfully established, one device is the key device, and all other devices are the slave devices. Intang Zhongchuang Space is dynamic and automatically created when Bluetooth devices add and leave wireless communication proximity sensors.

2. Transmission mode of Bluetooth module

With the continuous development trend of Bluetooth technology in recent years, the transmission speed of Bluetooth has also been continuously improved under the condition of continuous reduction of functional loss, making the scope of application of Bluetooth more common. But if you want to design a complete set of Bluetooth system software, you must fully grasp the relevant technical expertise of Bluetooth, such as: frequency radio design, local variables of the agreement, information system integration and Bluetooth module model selection and other fields of appraisal.

The Bluetooth module can transmit data according to the serial port communication (SPI, IIC) and the MCU control system. The Bluetooth module can be used as a server and a slave. The server can retrieve other Bluetooth modules and automatically create a connection, while the slave cannot actively create a connection, only waiting for others to connect to itself.

Three. Influencing factors of Bluetooth module

In recent years, as wireless communication technology has entered everyone’s daily life, consumer electronic devices have become more and more popular, and various wireless communication technologies have played more and more critical roles, giving full play to the increasingly critical functions of wireless communication equipment. The sales market has also been further improved. The wireless antenna, as an indispensable core component in wireless communication equipment, has also been further improved. In Bluetooth products, the relationship between the wireless antenna and the Bluetooth module is interdependent. In addition to the system software integration ic as the key, the wireless antenna is another core component that harms the transmission performance of the Bluetooth module.

4. What is the basis for choosing a Bluetooth module?

At this stage, Bluetooth technology has already penetrated into all walks of life, and commodity applications include smart locks, smart bracelets, tire pressure, electronic vapor cigarettes, industrial production machinery automation and other basically all desired equipment. But for users, the ones that are suitable for their own devices are better, and the best ones are based on the need to make a good selection.