Designed with Orcad and Pads

Orcad go to pads Logic

1. Open Orcad, select .dsn in the project management view and save as a Capture 16.2 Design.DSN file (please change the name to avoid overwriting the original design)
2. Open Pads Logic. File-Import-DSN file
3. The file just imported It is incomplete, close Pads Logic and reopen the .sch file just generated

Orcad+Pads Layout operation process

1. Draw the schematic diagram in Orcad 2.
Establish contact between Orcad and Pads Layout
3. Export .asc netlist
4. Import into Pads Layout

Orcad connects with Pads Layout

Edit the PCB Footprint property of the component in Orcad, that is, assign a PCB footprint to each component in Orcad. It is
required that the name of the PCB Footprint corresponds to the name of the component type in the Pads Layout

Advantages of Pads Logic+Pads Layout

It is mainly reflected in the design process, mainly two words "synchronized"
. There is a Pads Layout link in Pads Logic,
1. It can be highlighted synchronously, which is convenient for component search and early layout
. 2. During the design process, changing the schematic diagram can quickly Synchronized to the PCB, and only the changed part of the PCB is changed, and the unchanged part of the design will be retained

So whether Orcad+Pads Layout can realize the above "synchronization" function
, there are two methods:
Method 1. Convert Orcad+Pads Layout to Pads Logic+Pads Layout to achieve the above synchronization 1.
Only need to do two steps
①. Transfer the Orcad schematic to In Pads Logic
②. Send the netlist in Orcad to Pads Layout
Next, realize real-time synchronization just like using a set of Pads tools
Method 2. Use the comparison/ECO function to achieve synchronization