Comparison of STM8S105S4T6C and STM8S105C6T6

STM8S105S4T6, 44 pins, LQFP package (LQFP44 10X10), fewer pins than STM8S105C6T6, but bigger than it.


STM8S105C6T6, package LQFP48 (7*7), 48 pins


S4T6 has 4 pins less than C6T6, where is it?



S4T6 has 4 pins less than C6T6, and a few functions. This is different from the stm32 series, the stm32 series are different, the pins are compatible, and the functions are the same, but there are more pins and more groups, and each group generally has a maximum of 16 pins. Pins, such as PA, PB---------PG,,, the gradually reduced pins are often reduced in groups, while stm8 is one or two selected in each group, and each group generally has a maximum of 8 pins. foot

The two stm8 chips currently researched have the same number of power pins. I don’t know whether the power pins of other series are the same. For chips with different stm32 pins, the power pins may be different, and the connection method may also be different. , some are directly grounded, and some are also connected to a specific capacitor grounding, that is, the Vcap pin ,
STM8 hardware circuit design basis

C4Tx and C6Tx, 48 pins, LQFP package LQFP48 (7*7)


S4T6 and S6T6, 44 pins, LQFP package (LQFP44 10X10)