Chip Manufacturing Process Steps

Chip manufacturing process steps: A chip generally refers to the carrier of an integrated circuit .The chip manufacturing process steps are relatively complex, and the threshold for chip design is high. Compared with traditional packaging, the chip occupies a larger volume. The following editor will introduce the manufacturing process of the chip.

The steps of the chip manufacturing process are as follows:

1. Wet cleaning

2. Photolithography

3. Ion Implantation

4. Dry etching

5. Wet etching

6. Plasma Rinse

7. Heat treatment

8. Chemical Vapor Deposition

9. Making the Wafer

10. Wafer coating

11. Electroplating treatment

12. Wafer Test

13. Packaging

The above are the steps of the chip manufacturing process, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Nowadays, with the continuous progress of scientific and technological development, the process technology of chips is also continuously improved, and the etching cost will be higher and higher in the future.