A Small CNC bot

Piccolo is an  opensource project , by Diatom Studio, which allows you to create a small CNC (working area about 5x5cm).

I tried to make a copy; the main components needed are:


  • the  frame , made with laser cutting by Vectorealism
  • 3 micro servos, purchased from HobbyKing
  • viti, dadi…
  • the PCB and an Arduino Pro Micro are from PCBHERO


the pieces (MDF and acrylic) laser cut ...

PCB, Arduino Pro Micro, servos and small parts ...


The construction of Piccolo is very simple and well guided by WIki .

It takes about  2 hours to assemble the components:

I recommend gluing the plexiglass parts, especially those that make up the pen / pencil holder.

The printed circuit requires specific components: not having them, I preferred to use "normal" components by soldering them on an external breadboard:

Here are a couple of photos of the finished project: