What is the difference between microcontroller and chip?

Microcontrollers are actually a kind of chips. Chips include various gate circuits, operational amplifiers, processors, memories, and logic devices. Microcontrollers are just one type of digital chips.

Microcontroller is also called single-chip microcomputer. Although it looks like a chip, it already has a basic processor, memory, and can write some simple control programs. It is widely used in small control circuits.

Most of the chips cannot be programmed, they are already set up when they leave the factory, and their functions are relatively single.

Different main body

1. Microcontroller: It is a kind of integrated circuit chip. It is a small chip that uses super large-scale integrated circuit technology to integrate the central processing unit CPU, random access memory RAM, read-only memory ROM and other functions with data processing capabilities on a silicon chip. Complete microcomputer system.

2. Chip: It is a way to miniaturize the circuit and is often manufactured on the surface of a semiconductor wafer.

Different characteristics

1. Single-chip microcomputer: The volume of the single-chip microcomputer is relatively small, and the internal chip is used as a computer system. Its structure is simple, but the function is perfect, it is very convenient to use, and it can be modularized.

2. Chips: The mass production capacity and reliability of integrated circuits, and the modular method of circuit design ensure the rapid adoption of standardized integrated circuits instead of designing discrete transistors.

Different advantages

1. Single chip microcomputer: The single chip microcomputer has a high degree of integration and strong reliability. Even if the single chip microcomputer is working for a long time, there will be no trouble problems.

2. Chip: It is the core of a microprocessor or multi-core processor, which can control everything from a computer to a mobile phone to a digital microwave oven.


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