Top 10 Points You Must Pay Attention to with Your PCB Copy Board

Printed Circuit Boards are essential gadgets in all electronic devices. Regardless of whether the said gadgets are for domestic or industrial purposes, they still require PCBs. Besides electronically connecting, PCBs also bring about mechanical support to electric components.

A majority of us would easily recognize printed circuit boards when we bump on them. They are small green chips that are covered by copper parts and traces. The traces are like super-highways that lead traffic in some direction.

But are you aware of a printed circuit assembly process? Unfortunately, a lot of suppliers, manufacturers, and PCB enthusiasts don’t know much about this. This article points out 10 notes in a PCB assembly process.

1. Character placement is unreasonable
2. the processing industry can not clarify
3. Draw pads with padding
4. Single-sided pad aperture setting
5. Stacking of pads
6. The abuse of the graphics layer
7. The electric ground layer is the connection and the flower          pad
8. There are too many filler blocks in the design or the filling          block is filled with very thin lines
9. The spacing of the area grid is too small
10.Do not understand the design of the frame