TFT LCD display module description

TFT displays module are liquid-crystal display panel with thin-film transistor technology, bonding with IC driver, backlight unit, and flex cable, sometimes assemble control board with difference interface. TFT display is active display with high contrast than monochrome lcd, The TFT display technology could offers full RGB display in wide range display colors and tunes, high display resolution. We could get rich colors, detailed images, clear and bright graphics display from a tft lcd module.

PCB HERO provide wide range tft lcd display module from small sizes to medium sizes. Our small tft lcd sizes( diagonal size of tft active area) have 0.9” tft lcd, 1.8” tft lcd, 2.2” tft lcd, 2.4”tft lcd, 2.8” tft lcd display module, 3.2” tft lcd, 3.5” tft lcd module, 4.3” tft display module, 5” tft lcd, 5.6” tft display, 5.7 inch tft, 7” tft lcd, medium sizes tft module such as 8” tft lcd, 9” tft, 10.1” tft lcd display module, 12.1” tft lcd, and so on. Our wide range standard tft lcd module could meet the most of application for industrial, medical, automotive application. Such as industrial control system, coffee machine, medical equipment, POS system, GPS navigator, white goods, kitchen display, cooking machine, energy control display, IOT, and etc.

PCB HERO TFT lcd display module quality is on industrial standard, our raw materials are chosen on the industrial grade base.

PCB HERO tft lcd module including standard tft-lcd modules, wide viewing angle IPS tft lcd, sunlight readable tft lcd display with high brightness tft and transflective tft lcd, reflective tft, Wide temperature tft lcd, bar type tft lcd, and smart tft lcd module with serial interface for industrial display application. Resistive touch panel and projected capacitive touch screen (PCAP) with tft lcd, in landscape or portrait type. Beside color tft display, we have monochrome tft lcd with high transmissive ratio and power saving for special application such as 3D printer mask screen.

Our tft lcd module have variety interface including MCU, RGB,TTL, LVDS, MIPI DSI, serial SPI, I2C interface. The tft lcd display resolution from such as 80x160 pixels, QVGA 240X320, HVGA 320X480, VGA 640X480 tft lcd display module, and high resolution such 1024X600, 1024X768, 1280X800, FHD 1920X1080 resolution.