OLED display module description

OLED display is organic light emitting display, OLED display module doesn’t require the backlight, it can emit light by itself, the oled display module compose oled display panel, IC driver, and flexible cable. oled touch screen is also available. The oled display panel made by difference organic powder between the anode and cathode layer substrate, the oled display panel’s substrate can be glass, or flexible material. So oled display module is ideal for flexible display than traditional lcd module.

Oled display module has high brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle, wide operating temp., thinner . Oled screen has the darker background than TFT LCD display, oled module is also the good solution for outdoor application because of its wide temperature and high contrast performances.

Oled display has Pmoled and Amoled, amoled without cross-talk problem, The AMOLED display quality is better than the pmoled as it contains an additional layer of TFTs, amoled display is suitable for high resolution display, pmoled is mostly in monochrome oled display module that with lower resolution such as 128x64 oled, 256x64 oled display.

As a new display technology, OLED cost still higher than corresponding LCD panel. A totally new custom oled screen’s toolig fee would be expensive, we suggest to choose the oled display panel that off the shelf, PCB HERO support semi-custom oled for FPC interface connection or adding the PCB board and custom make oled touch screen as well. PCB HERO OLED graphic display has COB, COG and TAB passive matrix technology, Available graphic resolution has 64x32, 72x40 small oled display, 96x39 monochrome oled, 128x32 oled screen, 128x64 oled display, 256x64 bar oled display, 128x128 square oled display.

PCB HERO  OLED display module have IC controllers and interfaces include parallel, serial, and I2C oled, SPI OLED, driving voltages of 3~ 5V depending on difference resolution/color. PCB HERO offer the wide range of OLED display modules in sizes from 0.42” oled, 0.49” small oled display, 0.66” oled graphic display, 0.75 round oled display, 0.91”,0.83” oled module, 0.96” oled touch screen, 1.5” color oled dispay, 1.7" oled touch screen, 2.23” OLED, 3.12” OLED, 5.5” bar oled display module.

PCB HERO oled display module can use in many applications that require electronic display panel. The applications include white goods display, smart home industrial meters, POS machine, automation, audio display and medical devices, such as personal care appliances, smart wearable devices, E-cigarette device, POS machine, household goods, automobile displays, public information displays etc.