Introduction to Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper printed circuit boards are the latest trend in PCB industry. These PCBs are used in various electrical circuits due to several benefits they offer. Although these PCBs are expensive to produce, they are still in high demand. Why? Read the post to know more about them.

A Brief Introduction to Heavy Copper PCBs

There is no specific definition for a heavy copper PCB. However, the term is more commonly used for PCBs featuring 3 ounces of copper in the internal and external layers. This term is also applied to any circuit with copper thickness more than 4 Oz/ft2. The term extreme heavy copper PCB refers to PCBs with 20 Oz/ ft2 to, which has 200 oz. per ft2 copper deposition on its internal and external layers.

The copper weight combined with an appropriate substrate and thicker plating in the through-hole circuit makes these PCBs a reliable wiring platform. These boards are manufactured through a variety of etching and plating techniques. The goal is always adding copper thickness via plated holes and sidewalls.

Benefits of Heavy Copper PCBs

The following benefits heavy copper PCBs make them ideal for various electrical applications:

  • High thermal endurance
  • Excellent current carrying capacity
  • High mechanical strength in PTH holes as well as connector sites
  • Reduced circuit size due to combining several copper weights in the same PCB
  • Exotic materials used in the PCB to improve its mechanical characteristics
  • Copper-plated vias provide high thermal resistance
  • Complex wire buss configurations are eliminated
  • Selective areas with heavy copper deposition can be interfaced to cold plates, or serve as heat sinks

Top 10 Applications of Heavy Copper PCBs

Heavy copper PCBs are used in the following applications:

  1. Solar Power Converters
  2. Torque Controls
  3. Safety and Signal Systems
  4. Power Line Monitors
  5. UPS Systems
  6. Rail Traction Systems
  7. Protection Relays
  8. Storage Pumping Plants
  9. Overload Relays
  10. HVAC Systems

Reliable performance and excellent thermal management is the main driver behind the demand of copper PCBs. Today, circuits are built to pass heavy currents, which means high heat is produced. However, heavy copper printed circuit boards will help dissipate heat produced efficiently, thereby ensuring optimum performance of the circuit. If you are still unsure about the benefits of copper PCBs in your electrical applications, you can always approach an electrical expert or a reliable heavy copper PCB manufacturer like PCB HERO. The company provides heavy duty copper PCBs for all industrial applications.