How to Reduce PCB Cost and Save Money On Printed Circuit Boards?

  • Manage shipping and delivery

It is more cost-effective to transport one large batch using a proper vehicle than several smaller batches. It is especially significant to manage orders when you cannot purchase from a local supplier. 

Ask your manufacturer if it can store your components in a warehouse for a little while longer so you can use your most affordable and efficient delivery option.

  • Stick to standards

Try not to request too tight dimensional consistency and accuracy, as it will result in the need to adjust an equipment unit. Besides, it will slow down the entire production. 

Besides, try to stick to the standard holes, vias, traces, and other element sizes. It will make your design way more cost-effective and simplify the production overall

  • Be consistent in your design

As a continuation of the previous advice, try not to overwhelm your PCB design with unnecessary variations. It means that the sizes of holes, vias, margins, etc., must be the same throughout the design. There is no solid reason for making plenty of different design elements.

  • Reduce component expenses

Here are the management tips that are the most effective. Ensure that the components are supplied properly and always available at every PCB manufacturing stage. Look for finding alternatives to the least cost-effective components. Do not use the components suspected of being counterfeit.

  • Approach vias properly

The thing is that vias really add to the final price. But their quantity can be reduced in the PCB designing stage. It also may happen that some types of vias may win more space in your design and be more cost-effective than others. Generally, you should try to simplify your design as much as possible.


In case if approached correctly, your PCB end cost may be multiple times lower than preplanned. But you need to follow these tips and partner closely with your supplier in order to achieve a balance between quantities, quality, turnaround time, performance, design complexity, and other parameters. 

Aim at achieving cost-efficiency in all the phases and ways. There is always something to adjust before and during the fabrication and in the shipping stage. Better process management may also save millions of dollars so pay close attention to it as well.