How Many Steps Do You Know For The PCB Assembly Process?

As a PCB & PCB assembly manufacturer, it’s necessary to let you know what our PCB assembly services are. PCB assembly is a complex and lengthy process involving many different phases, and also the key process for realizing the functions of the final product. Every step must be executed exactly by paying utmost attention. Any minor error in the assembly process will lead to the failure of the final assembly. To help you know more about the whole PCBA process, we’ve explained each step in detail below.

Step 1. Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Check
Step 2. Electronic Components Checkingility (DFM) Check
Step 3. Solder Paste Printing
Step 4. Placing of Components
Step 5. Reflow Soldering
Step 6. Inspection
Step 7. Through-Hole Component Insertiong
Step 8. Final Inspection and Functional Test/IC Programming
Step 9. Cleaning and Packing