How IoT is influencing the world of PCB

In this digital era, it is nearly impossible to stay disconnected from any electronic device. Interconnection and interdependence of these devices facilitated by the internet has enabled the emergence of a new phenomenon, which is called ‘Internet of things’ (IoT).

Today, IoT forms the crux of any electronic device. This includes PCB-driven electronic devices, which are driving major changes in the electronic industry. Read this post to get an insight on how IoT is transforming PCBs.

How PCB fits inside the IoT?

The first question that pops our mind is how IoT drives the printed circuit boards (PCB)? Let us discuss a few examples, which will answer this question.

  • Smart Home Applications
    Diverse smart home applications like sensors, wall mounted tablets, or computer systems are driven by PCBs. These devices are used for real time tracking and monitoring and are interconnected through the internet. This shows the increasing role of IoT in PCB-driven applications.
  • Automotive
    Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (FPCBs) are used in various automotive applications such as mobile screens, LCD displays, connectivity antennas, etc. All these interconnected devices utilize IoT. These interconnected devices have fueled the concept of safe driving. The emergence of an electric car, high-speed trams and bullet trains has further increased the significance of IoT.
  • Wearable Apps
    Flex PCBs and HDI PCBs are the enhanced versions of conventional PCBs. These PCBs are widely used in medical implants, hearing aids, reality heads-up display, and fitness trackers. They provide excellent design freedom can be transformed into many shapes owing to their high copper tensile strength. All these wearable apps take advantage of IoT technologies.

According to Business Insider by the end of 2018, there will be 9 billion devices, which will be interconnected to the internet. Hence, it opens a door of opportunity for the PCB fabricators to meet the demands of the industries by combining innovative methodologies. Today, you will find various reputed manufacturer of prototype circuit boards, who cater the competitive connective devices market. PCB HERO is one of the reputed PCB manufacturer and supplier,which has worked with IoT device OEM. The company has consistently provided their customers with high-quality circuit boards with excellent speed, and performance.