Embedded system, what do you mean?

Technology continues to develop, every year and even months there must be the latest technological discoveries from researchers from technology companies in this world. However, the technologies created would be meaningless without embedded hardware or an information language called embedded systems. Without embedded systems, these technologies are just an abstract program and cannot help human life optimally. So, what exactly is an embedded system?

Pengertian Embedded System

Embedded system or embedded system is a computer system specifically designed for a specific purpose and usually the system is embedded in a single system. This embedded system consists of hardware (hardware) and software (software). Embedded system hardware includes a microprocessor or microcontroller with additional external memory, I/O and other components. While the embedded system software functions as a driver on the system. Embedded system software is usually called firmware because this type of software is loaded into ROM, EPROM or flash memory. Once a program is loaded into the hardware it will never change unless it is reprogrammed.

An embedded system has three components, including:

  • Have hardware
  • Have software and firmware
  • Having a real-time operating system (RTOS), it functions to monitor application software and provides a mechanism to let the processor run processes as scheduled.

Kategori Embedded System

1. Embedded System Stand Alone (Berdiri Sendiri)
2. Embedded System Real-Time
3. Networked Embedded System