5 Benefits of Aluminum LED Circuit Boards Discussed

Light emitting diodes (LED) lights have gained immense popularity in recent years. These lighting solutions are widely in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities due to their excellent illumination, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly properties. Do you know these lights are supported by printed circuit boards (PCBs)? The PCBs are made of thin materials and they feature several traces and components, which support LED applications. Aluminum is the most common choice of material when it comes to producing LED circuit boards. Why so? The metal not only supports the LEDs but also carries away the heat from bulbs and prevents them from damage. Is that all? No, there’s more to it. This post analyzes the benefits of aluminum LED PCBs and more. Stay tuned!

Top 5 Reasons for Popularity of Aluminum LED Circuit Boards

As said before, excellent heat transfer is one of the key properties of aluminum printed circuit boards, which make them popular among LED manufacturers. The PCBs can be built up with high density without heating up or sacrificing performance. The following benefits offered by these printed circuit boards have been immensely appreciated.

  • Lightweight: Aluminum is a lightweight, yet durable material. This material offers flexibility and excellent machinability due to which they can be easily broken down into small and thin pieces. This makes them easy to handle and ship. This combination of durability, lightweight, and compactness makes them the right choice for aluminum LED circuit boards integrated into automotive dashboards, aircraft lighting applications, and so on.
  • Reliability: The PCB fabrication involves several phases, especially when it comes to LED PCBs. Unlike other industrial and commercial PCBs, LED PCBs possess dense circuitry. This requires the board material to be durable enough to withstand the different machining and fabrication processes. Aluminum PCBs can withstand these processes, which makes them a popular choice over ceramic and fiberglass PCBs.
  • Improved Environmental Performance: Ceramic and fiberglass PCBs are not recyclable and often end up in landfills, thereby adding to electronic waste. Although the PCBs are quite smaller than other electronic components, still, they add to the electronic waste. This can be avoided with aluminum LED circuit boards. Aluminum is a recyclable material and is non-toxic, too. They can be disposed of safely at the end of their shelf life or sent to recycling centers. This recyclability of aluminum combined with the environmentally-friendly properties of LED makes it a 100% green lighting solution.
  • Low Production Costs: Aluminum is one of the most abundant materials available on earth, which makes them cheaper, too. Aluminum PCBs are also less expensive than many other standard FR4 PCBs. This easy availability of aluminum when combined with heat transfer efficiency makes it a popular choice for building LED PCBs.
  • Suited for Harsh Work Environments: Today, most industrial and commercial facilities are equipped with LEDs. These LEDs have helped businesses to reduce their electricity costs and lower their carbon footprint. In several facilities, these LEDs may be exposed to ambient conditions such as temperature or pressure extremes, chemicals, moisture, and so on. Aluminum material offers undiminishing performance in such environments, which makes them an ideal choice for LED PCBs to be used in industrial and commercial applications.

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