What is High Speed PCB: Are High Speed and High Frequency PCBs the Same?(Part 4)

Successful High-Speed PCB Projects at One-Stop

The aim of a high-speed PCB project is to deliver the products in time, if possible, successfully at once. So the high-speed PCB had better manufactured by an experienced manufacturer who provides design for manufacturing and excellence (DFM and DFX). PCB-HERO is a one-stop high-speed PCB manufacturer with 22 years of experience and provides free one-on-one engineering support for high-speed/high-frequency PCB projects.

high speed PCB manufacturing

You will find PCB-HERO as a reliable high-speed PCB manufacturer for these reasons:
Check high-speed PCB designs before giving a quote, and provide suggestions for free if there are problems.
Provide one-stop manufacturing solutions, including free DFM and DFX to high-speed PCB projects.
Grasp the core technologies for high-speed PCB manufacturing such as impedance control, embedded antenna DFM, expansion/contraction control, etc.
Have ready-to-use high-speed PCB base materials in stock, and the storage period is within 45 days (at manufacturers who have no storage, it usually takes 2 to 3 months to purchase base materials).
Manufacture 4 to 8 layers of high-speed/high-frequency PCBs such as RF 6 to 24GHz PCBs, RF 77GHz PCBs, and embedded antenna PCBs.
If you want to work with a reliable high-speed PCB manufacturer, register online, and you will get $100 coupons for online purchases. Or you can contact PCB-HERO by email or online.

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