What is a COB LED?

COB is a LED light source solution that directly bonds multiple LED dies (or you can call them ICs) on ceramic plates or PCBs. The ICs usually are integrated at the center of the PCB in a rounded shape. When we power on the PCB, the ICs sheds even lighting.

You will need custom COB LED solutions when your LED lighting product requires very high brightness.

For example, the lighting devices underwater and on the sea require the brightness reaches 5000 to 10000 lumen. While standard LEDs on the market can't provide so much brightness.

You will also need custom LEDs if your lighting products have high requirements to color temperatures and chroma distribution. These products include lights on fishing vessels, in swimming pools, on yachts, etc.

To get lighting products mounted with custom LEDs, what do you need to do?

You need to design the PCB, buy ICs, order ceramic plates, and bond and seal up the chips on the plates. If this is only a module, you still need to assemble it on a ceramic or metal-based PCB.

Sounds a little bit complex? No worries, the EMS contract manufacturer PCBHERO can provide you with one-stop COB LED solution.

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