uTerm2-S: a multi-emulation color RS232 terminal


The uTerm2-S (micro Term2 stand-alone) is an easy to build multi-emulation RS232 terminal using an ESP32-Wroom-32 module and the great FabGL library (http://www.fabglib.org). More, using an ESP32 gives the opportunity to use the uTerm2-S in a lot of different ways easily using the Arduino IDE with the ESP32 core.

These the main specs of uTerm2-S:

RS232 serial port;
VGA output;
"transparent" port for a serial-USB adapter (as in the uTerm-S);
secondary serial port for ESP32 programming using a serial-USB adapter;
RTS/CTS support between the RS232 and the "transparent" port (as in the uTerm-S);
on board power supply;
colors, graphics and sounds capabilities (FabGL library);
multi language keyboard support (FabGL library);
various terminal emulations (FabGL library);
PS/2 connectors for keyboard and mouse;
on board amplifier for an external speaker.

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