The FunBoard V2

The Funboard is designed to be a low-cost solution for learning to program and experimenting with embedded devices and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). The board and open-source software package provides everything you need to get started programming using Python and MicroPython, some of the most popular and practical programming languages in use today. You can easily develop your basic programming skills and knowledge base (i.e. variables, functions, loops, etc.) using the on-board LEDs, MicroPixels and buzzer.

And when you are ready, you can move on to advance topics and projects like IoT devices and network programming, all using the built-in IO pins, microSD card, and WiFi capability. Whatever your programming level, a creative mind will never run out of projects for the FunBoard. and I use FunBoards everyday for developing and experimenting.

Here are some of the FunBoard's features:
USB powered
USB interface
ESP32 processor
two switches (reset and programmable)
microSD card slot
13 extra IO pins
programmable LED
8 programmable MicroPixels
full support software
ongoing support and tutorials

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