Peelable Solder Mask VS High-Temperature Tape

Besides of peelable solder mask, the high-temperature tape is also used to protect the bare PCB pads, especially PCB gold fingers. Both peelable solder masks and high-temperature tapes can withstand high temperatures of reflow soldering and wave soldering. Then what are the differences between peelable solder masks and high-temperature taping?

Here are some differences between the two PCB pads coverage methods:

  • Automation - peelable solder mask is printed on PCBs automatically, while the high-temperature tape is applied manually.
  • Efficiency - for batch production, a peelable solder mask is much more efficient than a high-temperature taping.
  • Cost - for batch production, peelable solder masks cost less than high-temperature taping.
  • Size - the maximum width of the peelable solder mask is 6mm. For coverage areas with a width of more than 6mm, it is better to use high-temperature tape.

For normal pads and PTH/NPTH holes that need coverage, the coverage size is usually small, and we print peelable solder masks; for PCB gold fingers, we usually use high-temperature tape to protect them from oxidation during reflow soldering and wave soldering.

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