PCB Production Capacity

1, carbon oil clearance because of carbon oil has good conductivity, so the finished product plate has a certain gap of carbon oil required to ensure that do not short circuit, usually require product minimum eight mil clearance gap(HOZ ), 12 mil clearance gap (1-3 oz copper), if the production film can increase the gap, the gap as far as possible to increase the finished product to ensure no short circuit.

2. Minimum alignment tolerance of carbon oil: +/-6mil

3. Size of carbon oil window and the gap with copper PATTERN: considering factors such as alignment tolerance and oil infiltration, carbon oil PAD single side needs 6mil (HOZ base copper) and 8mil (1-3oz base copper) larger than copper PAD to ensure no copper exposure. Correspondingly, the gap between the carbon oil window and the surrounding copper PATTERN also needs to be 6mil (HOZ base copper) and 8mil (1-3oz base copper), so as to avoid the carbon oil covering the surrounding copper PATTERN and thus avoiding short circuit

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