COB LED vs SMD LED vs DOB LED: LED PCB Assembly and Design Solutions(Part 2)

Part 2: What is SMD LED

Features of SMD LED: low requirements for thermal management; unevenly-shed light, having halo; SMT assembly
SMD LEDs are LED products whose LED PCBs are assembled using the surface-mount assembly technology. In the LED market, SMD LEDs are the most common type because they are the cheapest. Unlike COB LEDs, the SMD LED chips spread on the PCB board, so the thermal dissipation requirement is lower than COB LEDs. But because the LED light sources are spread, the light shedding is uneven and has halos.

During LED PCB assembly, SMD LEDs are picked and placed on corresponding PCB pads and then go through the reflow soldering oven and AOI testing machine. But SMD LEDs are mounted in an LED SMT machine that is specifically used for SMD LED assembly.

Like COB LEDs, SMD LED assembly is not restricted by PCB substrate materials. You can order SMD LED PCBs with any substrate from PCBHERO, such as aluminum PCBs, FR4 PCBs, ceramic PCBs, flexible PCBs, etc.

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