Laser Depaneling PCB: How Do We Cut Ceramic PCBs from the Panel(Part2)

Part 2: How do We Depanel Ceramic PCB PCBs

Alumina PCBs and aluminum nitride PCBs can't be cut by CNC or V-cut, because the CNC machine and V-cut machine either don't have the power to cut ceramic or can break the ceramic boards. We need to use the controllable laser to depanel ceramic PCBs. The cutting direction and width are set up before depaneling.

Before laser cutting the ceramic PCB panel, our engineers design the PCB panelization and reserve the PCB craft edges.

When PCB panelization is designed, we set up the laser specifications according to the designed separation lines and width. Usually, our engineers remain one-third of the PCB board thickness along the separation lines on the pane.

During ceramic PCB fabrication, the automatic laser cutting head moves over the ceramic panel in the shape of designed depanelization lines, and 2/3 of the ceramic thickness is removed from the desired separation lines.

Laser-cut or PCB profile is the final step in ceramic PCB manufacturing. Then the PCB panels are sent on the SMT assembly lines for surface-mounting components.

Laser depaneling PCB enables ceramic PCBs to be surface-mounted in panels. After the SMT assembly, our technicians can break off the separation lines with only a pair of pliers.


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